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Today’s featured vendor is Wagner Photographics, a wedding and portrait studio based out of Batesville, Indiana.  They are available to travel throughout Ohio and routinely swing by the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas to shoot weddings.  Wagner Photographics considers themselves to be visual narrators, creating beautiful stories without words.  They told us they’re addicted to visual beauty and are always up for a challenge.  Their motto is:  “Imaginative, Inspirational, Insightful, Individual.” 


The ceremony and reception for this wedding took place at The Manor House in greater Cincinnati.  All of the flowers and floral arrangements were designed and created by The Flowerman!  This particular bride chose not to use our Do-It-Yourself option, selecting instead to have everything designed, delivered, and decorated by our talented full-service wedding team.  We think the wedding was exceptionally lovely.  Enjoy!  🙂























Want to see more pictures from this wedding?  Visit our Flowerman Photo Page and click on the album entitled “Flowerman- Wagner Photographics.”  While you’re at it, why not become a fan of The Flowerman and get in on exclusive online deals and discounts for 2010!?!  😉


(Our sincere thanks to Cindy of Wagner Photographics for sending us these beautiful photos!)



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Our photos today come from Heart & Light Photography, a local photography duo consisting of Lori and Lauren Pritchard. This mother/daughter team shoots more than just weddings… they are LIFETIME photographers. Schedule a photography session with them for all of life’s special moments… from engagement photos of you and your beloved, to wedding day moments when you finally say “I do,” to pregnancy pictures that portray your new mother glow, to infant portraits so you’ll never forget your baby’s precious features, to family shoots as the years go by, to senior pictures when they’re all grown up, to your own child’s wedding someday when it comes full circle.  Their motto is “Real life, simple moments, lasting memories.”  Visit Heart & Light’s website here to view their galleries and contact information.

Without further ado, the pictures! This was a complete Do-It-Yourself wedding, with the bride and her friends making everything themselves. They had a lot of fun putting the flowers together, and we’re so glad they chose to use our company. The Flowerman’s services can’t be beat!










Want to see more pictures from this Do-It-Yourself wedding? 

Click here

(Our thanks to Lori Pritchard of Heart & Light for supplying us with these photos.)


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You do not need to bring anything with you to your free consultation, but there are a few items that will make picking out your flowers much easier:

Magazine clippings or web print-outs containing pictures of flowers that inspire you.

Don’t worry about the colors being exactly right… many flowers are available in multiple colors, so pay more attention to style, shape, texture, and design when choosing floral photos.

A list of “special guests” that includes how many grandparents, parents, godparents, ushers, ministers, musicians, etc. you would like to honor with a flower.

Your list can be physically written down or simply mentally noted… the main thing is that you’ve thought about your special guests list a bit before you arrive.

Color cards or dress swatches.

It’s always useful to bring along something that shows exactly what color you have in mind… that way, if you tell us you like “spring green” or “periwinkle,” we’ll know precisely which bright green or purplish-blue hue you’re talking about!

A supportive friend or family member.

For some brides, it’s tough to make decisions when faced with several options. If this sounds like you, please arrange to have a friend or family member join you in your consultation. Bring someone who listens to you completely, knows the beautiful vision you have for your big day, and encourages you to reach a decision without being bossy. For many girls, this “extra someone” is their fiance’. We love it when girls bring the groom!!! What we don’t want is for you to bring the entire family, mainly because they will all have a different opinion about which flowers you should choose. Try to limit yourself to 1-3 additional friends/family members and refrain from bringing children if at all possible.

Information about your cake.

We’ll need to know how many tiers it has, who is baking it for you, and whether it will be built on columns or stacked in layers.

A centerpiece vase.

It is so much easier to suggest centerpiece flowers once we’ve seen the vase you’re looking to fill. If you can, please bring one with you to your consultation.

Your checkbook or credit card.

We will never pressure you to pay “on the spot” or give us money before you’re ready, but you should know that our weekends are filling up INCREDIBLY FAST. It’s unbelievable, really. If you know for a fact that you want to use The Flowerman for your wedding, even if you’re not exactly sure what flowers you want just yet, we suggest that you pay a deposit to reserve the day and “book” your wedding. We’d hate for you to miss out! After you pay your deposit, you’ll have until three weeks before the wedding to finalize your flower order, make any/all changes, and submit the remaining balance. It’s a really smart move to pay your deposit ahead of time!!!

That about does it! None of these items are absolutely necessary… many brides show up without any of these suggestions in hand. The more of these items you bring with you, however, the quicker and more seamless your consultation will be.

We are looking forward to meeting with you very soon! 🙂


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We are so excited to debut on Sunday, January 31st, at The Aladdin Shrine Center (across from Easton Town Center) in Columbus!  Come meet our Columbus representative and speak with members of our Flowerman Weddings Team at The Columbus Premier Bridal Expo.  Ask all of your questions, get information about our various services, and see our beautiful flowers up close and personal.

Enter to win hundreds of dollars in door prizes and gifts at the show, including a free cruise!  Watch fashion shows and meet the area’s top wedding vendors!

Visit the show’s website for more information and a coupon worth $2 off admission at the door.  The Flowerman also has a limited number of FREE PASSES to this show!  We are giving them away on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you are interested in getting free tickets to the show, email us at flowermanweddings@gmail.com asap.  Get ’em before they’re gone!

Sunday, January 31st, from 11 AM – 4 PM

Aladdin Shrine Center

3850 Stelzer Road, Columbus, Ohio 43219


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We here at The Flowerman have created a “wordle” to show what people are saying about us in their online reviews and thank you notes.  You can make your own wordle here:  http://www.wordle.net/  Wordles are “word clouds” generated from text or web addresses that you provide.

Word clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently.  The size of a word is directly proportional to how often it appears in the source text. We copied and pasted all of the text from our online reviews and praise page to make this wordle.

 “Flowers” is overwhelmingly the most popular word used in our reviews (understandably so!), but we are very pleased to see that “beautiful” is the most popular adjective used to describe our work.


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Today we are featuring Allison Laura Photography, a company based out of Kettering, Ohio.  The owner of the company is Allison Walton, a talented photographer who obviously loves what she does.   Allison Laura staffers are not your typical studio photographers.  They love intimate looks, easy-to-miss details, and unforgettable instants.  As a bride, you’ve created a day that you want people to remember, and Allison Laura will make sure to capture every moment.   You will never have to worry… Allison Laura Photography will provide you and your loved ones with beautiful photos to cherish forever.  Contact them at (937) 757-1677 for more information.


And now, for the pictures!  This bride had our full-service wedding design team make the bridal bouquet for her, and then she and her mom made all the rest of the flowers themselves through our Do-It-Yourself wedding option.  What a pretty wedding!  Enjoy!  🙂












Our thanks to Allison of Allison Laura Photography for sending us these great shots!


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The trend these days is for newly-engaged couples to find creative ways to personalize their wedding, which we here at The Flowerman totally love and appreciate.  (We are in the Do-It-Yourself wedding flower business, after all… it doesn’t get much more creative or personalized than that!)  Some fun-loving and artistic couples are choosing to invite their guests with a DVD invitation, rather than sticking to traditional paper and ink cards.  We were first introduced to this concept by diybride.com, who has an ADORABLE “Save the Date” video posted here

Have fun watching… we hope you enjoy these creative videos as much as we did!  🙂



This one is a super-cute “Save the Date” video.  Couldn’t help but smile.  🙂 


These two are hilarious together.  They know how to have fun… bet their wedding was a blast!


This wedding invitation video is sweet and sentimental.  Nicely done.


This video is practically professional!  Produced as a group project at an art institute, this video invitation is ridiculously good.  If only all of us were marrying computer animators… ha!  Enjoy!

(Note to parents:  The bride does say the word “d*mn” one time in this video.  Just a heads up in case your kids are in the room!)


Now that you’ve watched a few different styles of video wedding invitations, it’s time for a quick poll:


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