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The Flowerman weddings team is very pleased and proud to present today’s featured vendor, Braun Photography! Cameron and his wife, Mindy, are a husand and wife team whose work is absolutely picture-perfect. Whether you’re having an intimate traditional ceremony, a festive outdoor affair, or an eleborate evening event, Braun Photography is the right team for the job! Cameron and Mindy have been consistently prompt and professional in all of our dealings with them, and we have been totally impressed with their enthusiasm in work, generosity in art, interest in networking, and all around TALENT in photography! Cameron and Mindy’s passion for people is so evident, and their attention to detail is something every bride should consider absolutely essential in a wedding photographer.

Check out Braun Photography’s amazing online albums here! Call them at 937.768.3160 or visit www.cameronbraun.com today! 🙂

Our sincere thanks to Cameron and Mindy for sending us the following photos from real Flowerman weddings!












To view more photos from these real Flowerman weddings, click here!




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