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Definitely! Around 85% of our Do-It-Yourself brides have never worked with flowers before in their entire life, so you are not alone! The good thing about working with The Flowerman is you don’t have to know how to do or make ANYTHING… honestly. Quite a few brides don’t even know the names of all of their flowers, and that is perfectly fine! We don’t expect you to know anything, and we start from square one. It’s our job to help you learn and create without worry. All basic floral supplies are included with your order, you have free overnight access to our coolers, and our DIY coaches are right there every step of the way to show examples and keep your construction party moving quickly and without confusion. It absolutely COULD NOT BE ANY EASIER! If you really are biting off more than you can chew, we’ll be sure to tell you in your initial consultation so you can switch to a designer or combination wedding… our design team is always available to make some or all of your pieces for you!

(If you do come in knowing a thing or two about flowers, or if you bring someone along in your group who’s designed before, don’t worry. We don’t have to show you examples of everything if you already know what to do. We provide as much instruction as you need and ask for, but if you don’t want any help, then by all means… design away! Looking forward to helping you construct some flowers soon! 🙂 )


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Are you interested in learning how to Do-It-Yourself?  Sign up for our monthly wedding class!  You will learn (hands-on) how to make a hand-tied bouquet of roses, a boutonniere, and a wrist corsage.  We will also do demonstrations on how to make a large altar vase, cake topper, centerpiece, and pomander ball.  🙂   All of this while having fun and learning how to “Do-It-Yourself”!  Class size is limited to 30 people, so if you are interested please call 937-433-8610 to sign up.  The class costs $39.99 (+ tax) per person and includes all of your supplies, professional designer instruction, and 2 dozen roses! 

Sign up quickly!  The next class is Sunday, May 23rd, from 2-5 PM at the Flowerman in Centerville, Ohio.

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You do not need to bring anything with you to your free consultation, but there are a few items that will make picking out your flowers much easier:

Magazine clippings or web print-outs containing pictures of flowers that inspire you.

Don’t worry about the colors being exactly right… many flowers are available in multiple colors, so pay more attention to style, shape, texture, and design when choosing floral photos.

A list of “special guests” that includes how many grandparents, parents, godparents, ushers, ministers, musicians, etc. you would like to honor with a flower.

Your list can be physically written down or simply mentally noted… the main thing is that you’ve thought about your special guests list a bit before you arrive.

Color cards or dress swatches.

It’s always useful to bring along something that shows exactly what color you have in mind… that way, if you tell us you like “spring green” or “periwinkle,” we’ll know precisely which bright green or purplish-blue hue you’re talking about!

A supportive friend or family member.

For some brides, it’s tough to make decisions when faced with several options. If this sounds like you, please arrange to have a friend or family member join you in your consultation. Bring someone who listens to you completely, knows the beautiful vision you have for your big day, and encourages you to reach a decision without being bossy. For many girls, this “extra someone” is their fiance’. We love it when girls bring the groom!!! What we don’t want is for you to bring the entire family, mainly because they will all have a different opinion about which flowers you should choose. Try to limit yourself to 1-3 additional friends/family members and refrain from bringing children if at all possible.

Information about your cake.

We’ll need to know how many tiers it has, who is baking it for you, and whether it will be built on columns or stacked in layers.

A centerpiece vase.

It is so much easier to suggest centerpiece flowers once we’ve seen the vase you’re looking to fill. If you can, please bring one with you to your consultation.

Your checkbook or credit card.

We will never pressure you to pay “on the spot” or give us money before you’re ready, but you should know that our weekends are filling up INCREDIBLY FAST. It’s unbelievable, really. If you know for a fact that you want to use The Flowerman for your wedding, even if you’re not exactly sure what flowers you want just yet, we suggest that you pay a deposit to reserve the day and “book” your wedding. We’d hate for you to miss out! After you pay your deposit, you’ll have until three weeks before the wedding to finalize your flower order, make any/all changes, and submit the remaining balance. It’s a really smart move to pay your deposit ahead of time!!!

That about does it! None of these items are absolutely necessary… many brides show up without any of these suggestions in hand. The more of these items you bring with you, however, the quicker and more seamless your consultation will be.

We are looking forward to meeting with you very soon! 🙂


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Here are a couple of pictures to whet your Do-It-Yourself appetite,
then scroll down for the answer to today’s Frequently Asked Question…

A beautiful, Do-It-Yourself Flowerman bride with her groom and best man!

A gorgeous bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets… all Do-It-Yourself!

Photo Courtesy of Mark Garber Photography.

Today’s Answer…

While there are plenty of other companies out there who will sell you flowers in a box and call themselves a Do-It-Yourself wedding florist, no other place offers free services and supplies like The Flowerman!

Included free of charge with your Flowerman Do-It-Yourself wedding order, you also receive:


You may have noticed other florists or wedding vendors running promotions or using coupon codes to give out free consultations after bridal shows, but at The Flowerman the consultation is always free.  Meeting with our wedding employees has always been free, and that’s the way we like it.  We are 100% confident you’ll love our flowers and choose to use our services, but if for some odd reason you don’t, then you can walk away without putting a penny in our pocket.  The Flowerman believes in service, and to us that means providing our brides with one-on-one wedding consultations free of charge.


At The Flowerman, you will be getting floral product that is fully hydrated and ready to work with immediately. Why is this an important and excellent service? Because if you order your flowers from another company that just ships your flowers in a box, you will have to individually cut, water, hydrate, and process those flowers for hours before you can even begin to work with them. Let us save you the time, energy, and headache… for free!


Your DIY flowers will be individually counted and checked by our staff for quality, and your order comes with a 100% quality guarantee. If something happens to your flowers, we will fix them free of charge. Think about it… if you order your flowers online and have them shipped to you in a box, what are you going to do if they arrive dead, wilted, brown, the wrong color, frozen, fried, or (heaven forbid) not at all?!? This actually happened to one of our DIY wedding team members when she ordered her wedding flowers online. They arrived a day late, were on their last leg, and were the wrong color. She always says, “I wish I would have known about The Flowerman when I got married!!!”


 This is huge! If you order flowers in a box from another company, where will you store them and keep them cool? Putting your flowers in a regular “kitchen” refrigerator often browns or freezes your flowers, and it is NOT recommended. At The Flowerman, you have the option of keeping your flowers in our floral coolers as long as you need. Your flowers will be safe and stay fresh in our coolers, and we check our coolers multiple times per day to make sure they stay at the proper temperature and humidity. On the day of your wedding, just send someone over to pick everything up and we’ll even help load it all into their car. You couldn’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind… and don’t worry, you don’t have to… it’s free!


 Come in to The Flowerman’s wedding warehouse to make your flowers, bring up to five other friends or family members, and create away! Our warehouse is designed to get messy and has everything you’ll need to make and arrange beautiful pieces. After everything’s done, you’re free to just leave and move on to all of the other things you still have left on your wedding to-do list. Our staff will clear off your table, tear down your area, empty your trash, and tidy up after you, saving you valuable time and energy.


We employ a DIY coaching staff to help you design and create your own flowers. Never worked with flowers before? No problem! Just ask one of the girls for help and she’ll be happy to guide you step-by-step through the day… teach you how to clean your flowers, show you examples of everything, and give instruction as you progress. It couldn’t be easier to Do-It-Yourself!!!


 At The Flowerman, you will be provided with a basket of useful supplies known as “the wedding package.” Included in the wedding package are the following items: floral clippers, ribbon shears, floral tape, floral wire, boutonniere and corsage bags, pearl-head pins, pens and permanent markers, and a water spray bottle. (Please note: The scissors, pens, markers, and spray bottle are not to be removed from The Flowerman. Thank you!)


Our flower boxes are the perfect size for transporting wedding flowers. They fit easily in back seats or hatch backs, and can usually fit an entire wedding in just 2-3 boxes. We do ask that you bring newspaper with you, if possible, to pack around your vases and flowers so they do not tip over on the drive home.

With all of the free stuff and services The Flowerman provides, why would anyone not want to make their own flowers? Our methods are time-tested and proven to be smooth and simple… just ask the THOUSANDS of other Flowerman brides who have made their own beautiful wedding flowers and been 100% happy with the result.
At The Flowerman, we make it easy and fun to Do-It-Yourself! 🙂

Check out these photos of more real Do-It-Yourself Flowerman brides!

Mark Garber Photography

Mark Garber Photography

Mark Garber Photography


Finally, also included with your Flowerman wedding order: 


Experience The Flowerman and you’ll never forget it.


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