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The trend these days is for newly-engaged couples to find creative ways to personalize their wedding, which we here at The Flowerman totally love and appreciate.  (We are in the Do-It-Yourself wedding flower business, after all… it doesn’t get much more creative or personalized than that!)  Some fun-loving and artistic couples are choosing to invite their guests with a DVD invitation, rather than sticking to traditional paper and ink cards.  We were first introduced to this concept by diybride.com, who has an ADORABLE “Save the Date” video posted here

Have fun watching… we hope you enjoy these creative videos as much as we did!  🙂



This one is a super-cute “Save the Date” video.  Couldn’t help but smile.  🙂 


These two are hilarious together.  They know how to have fun… bet their wedding was a blast!


This wedding invitation video is sweet and sentimental.  Nicely done.


This video is practically professional!  Produced as a group project at an art institute, this video invitation is ridiculously good.  If only all of us were marrying computer animators… ha!  Enjoy!

(Note to parents:  The bride does say the word “d*mn” one time in this video.  Just a heads up in case your kids are in the room!)


Now that you’ve watched a few different styles of video wedding invitations, it’s time for a quick poll:



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Participate in our current Flowerman poll!  It only takes a second.  Have fun!  🙂


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