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One of our very sweet Flowerman Columbus brides just sent us two photos from her DIY wedding that took place last week.

Thank you, Megan!  We loved working with you!  🙂




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One of our favorite photographers here in the city is Andriy with AZAR Photography.  What a kind and thoughtful man he is… he will put all of your friends and family members at ease on the day of the wedding… and what an excellent photographer!  He will make you look like you just stepped out from the pages of a magazine.  🙂  We highly recommend!!!

Please check out his website here:  AZAR PHOTOGRAPHY.













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Our thanks to Sarah for sending us some beautiful photos from her recent wedding!  Sarah made all of her flowers herself through our Do-It-Yourself program with the help of our Columbus DIY coaching staff.  Thank you so much, Sarah, for sending us pictures!  You were a beautiful bride.  🙂

(Photos by Lotz Studios)


What an adorable couple.  🙂  We loved working with you, Sarah!

We wish you all the best in life and love.

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Things are starting to look like Christmas around here!  In the spirit of the season, we decided to post some warehouse snapshots from recent Do-It-Yourself brides at our Columbus branch.  Enjoy looking at these red (and sometimes green) bouquets!


This bride chose to use a beautiful combination of red and green Christmas flowers, including red roses, red hypericum berries, red gerbera daisies, green cedar, and green holly.  The stems of the bouquet were cut to their final (shorter) length just after this picture was taken.   


A romantic red bouquet of dark red (“black magic”) roses, red calla lilies, and seeded eucalyptus greenery.


A beautiful bride on her wedding day with a bouquet of two dozen mixed red roses.


A whimsical, “summery” take on the traditional red rose bouquet.  This bride provided white butterflies that she incorporated with the red roses, calla lilies, and gerbera daisies to give her bouquet a more playful look and feel.


This lovely bouquet consists of red roses and white freesia.  The bride added white pearl-head pins in each of her roses for a unique accent and a romantic touch.


This simple and elegant bridal bouquet consists of two dozen black magic roses and 10 stems red mini calla lilies.  This bride’s wedding is also featured in the most-recent Columbus Bride magazine!  🙂


This red bouquet is easily made more “summery” with the inclusion of green hypericum berries and bright red gerbera daisies.


This bride wanted a more “wild” look for her typically traditional red rose bouquet, which was achieved through the addition of a wildflower-looking greenery called bupleurum. 


Happy Holidays!  Enjoy this wonderful season.  🙂

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While our unique Do-It-Yourself program is an excellent way for brides to have fun, be involved in the floral process, and save money, The Flowerman does have an award-winning design team as well!  Our design staff can construct any or all of your wedding pieces, saving you time and stress.  We think it’s an excellent idea to have our design team construct your bridal bouquet at the very least, and many brides choose to have our design staff make their entire wedding!  Our talented designers are experts at creating beautiful floral pieces for your special day, and they also offer delivery, decorating, and set-up services.
Here are a few pictures we snapped of December/January designer floral arrangements.  Enjoy!
A hand-tied bouquet of white hydrangea, plum mini calla lilies, white mini calla lilies, and peacock feathers.


A hand-tied designer bridal bouquet of mixed red, yellow, and bi-color “circus” roses, mini calla lilies, and hypericum berries.


This designer-made bouquet consists of mixed red roses, gerbera daisies, mums, and chocolate cosmos. 


Decorating the doors of the church with floral wreaths is a lovely way to welcome your guests.


Here’s a close-up look at one of the designer-made floral wreaths that decorated the doors of the church. Lovely!


Need an aisle runner? We sell high-quality felted damask ones in lengths of 50′, 75′, 100′.


Our designers can make beautiful pieces to decorate the altar area. This bride chose two designer sprays for either side of the altar and a unity candle piece for the table.


Here’s a close-up look at a designer-made unity candle piece with the candles built into the floral arrangement.


Some brides decorate the pews or chairs lining the aisle. This bride chose a simple knotted ribbon and a small cluster of flowers to accent the walkway.


This centerpiece has a lovely mix of colors and textures. It consists of roses, stock, snapdragons, alstroemeria, and greenery for a bit of added color and fullness. If you don't care much for greenery, just let us know that in your consultation. We cater our designs to fit each bride's individual style!


Not all of your centerpieces need to be the same height or style. This bride mixed it up by decorating some tables with tall submerged pieces.


All-white flower arrangements are elegant and classy. This centerpiece is constructed of large white football mums in a 6″ square vase.


Other tables were decorated with white roses in a 6″ square vase. So simple and super classy.


This designer centerpiece consists of mixed Christmas greenery, red roses, and gold accents. Red rose petals are scattered on the table for color, and they add a relaxing floral scent.


This lovely silver and white bridal bouquet consists of ivory roses, white tulips, silver brunia, and dusty miller greenery.


Here’s a look at the bouquets for the entire bridal party.  The tulips add a nice hint of green to the pieces.


These cute centerpieces consist of light blue hydrangea, ivory roses, and white tulips. The tables were accented with framed pictures of the bride and groom of holding table numbers.  Cute!


These striking tall pieces were mixed around the room. They consist of light blue hydrangea and curly willow tips.  The willow is accented with small hanging crystals.  How elegant!!! 


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Here at The Flowerman, we love to make our brides happy.  Plus, it helps that we love brides!  Would you believe that we attended a professional seminar a few months back where the keynote speaker actually informed us that he charges brides $1,500 just to sit down and have a consultation with him (which lasts a minimum of three hours), and he doesn’t even let the brides choose their own flowers!!!  We couldn’t believe it… what kind of service is that?!?  Also, he stated quite emphatically that he doesn’t even like brides!  He’d rather they go somewhere else because he doesn’t want to deal with their complicated demands.  What a shame!  But we have to admit that his comments actually made us smile a bit on the inside… hooray, more brides for us!!!  Go ahead and drive away your prospective customers, Mr. Big Shot Fancy Floral Man… we’ll take as many of them as we can because we love weddings and we love brides!  Plus, we never charge our brides a single penny for their consultations and they can choose whatever flowers they want.   Take that!  

Flowerman: 1, Competition: 0.






Do-It-Yourself with The Flowerman.  (This bride did.)


Photos Courtesy of Mark Garber Photography.


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In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we would post some beautiful red and white wedding pictures for you!  All flowers made by The Flowerman’s wedding design team.  All photos taken by Mark Garber Photography.  (www.markgarber.com)


This all-white bridal bouquet is the center of attention with beautiful vendela roses, white hydrangea, white oriental lilies, sweet star-shaped bouvardia, and a bit of varigated pitt for that luscious hint of green.


 The ring bearer and flower girl pose nicely with their flowers.  The flower girl holds a small nosegay of ivory spray roses and varigated pitt, while the ring bearer sports a matching mini boutonniere.


 What a gorgeous bride!  She looks lovely holding her designer-made Flowerman bridal bouquet. 


A close-up shot of the wedding rings in one of the bridesmaids’ bouquets.  Perfect red roses, small touches of white bouvardia, and pieces of salal (lemon leaf) create a beautiful December bouquet.  While these particular bridesmaid bouquets were made by our Flowerman design team, they would be so easy to make with your friends as a do-it-yourself bride!!!

Happy Holidays from The Flowerman in Southern/Central Ohio! 


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